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My name is Susanne Rey, and I would like to welcome you to Rey Consulting. I founded this company with one goal: To revitalize the way in which companies manage their strategic development, sales & communication, so theresults can be achieved faster & more efficiently.

We are results driven, hands on business consultants with a passion for creating change that transforms companies of the better, making them relevant in today's new economy.


"The more you give, the more you receive. I share my passion and energy with you to support your service and products to change the world."

Susanne Rey


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“Susanne is a generational Leader today and of our tomorrow. A true professional & beautiful being in every sense of the word. With a work ethic that will encourage you to be the best you can be.”

Billie Lu Fung,

Founder of DMI,


"Susanne is an amazing consultant. She has been mentoring me for almost a year now. I’ve started my own Business while living, studying and working in China. She knows how to bring me to the next level and I totally trust her."

Janine Jakob,

Business Consultant,


"Susanne is the perfect psychological reinforcement with her optimistic vitality and consistent support. Her methodology is tailored to my personal aspirations. She has provided me with all the resources, tactics, and application guidance I need."

Mara Darolt, 

Life Coach,


"Working is Susanne is mindblowing. She has a great expertise in Business and other areas of life and helps you with tips and exercises. She gets to the point and doesn’t waste time. I grew immense and profit from our work every day."

Melanie Siegert, 

Graphic Designer,


"Working with Susanne is one of the best decisions that I made. Having the right mentor means to reach your own goals, having a structure in life and getting faster to success. 

Making the right decisions equals saving time- `MY lifetime`."

Aleksandra Matijevic, 

Business Consultant,


"I’ve been working with Susanne for a year now and my life changed completely. It’s so much fun and she helped me to develop myself and transform my business. New doors are opening with her support.”

Beate Hake, 

Feel Good Manager


John Travolta
Robert & Kim Kiyosaki
Les Brown
George Ross
Steve Wozniak
Veronica Chew
Stedman Graham
Mark Wahlberg
Dr. Demartini
Hugh Hilton
Urs Meier
Dr. Stefan Frädrich
Richard Tan
Christie Brinkley
Bethenny Frankel
Saygin Yalcin
Tobias Beck
Alex Fischer
Bret Michels
Kris Steljes
Dirk Kreuter
Laura Seiler
"Bully" Herbig
Calvin Hollywood

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