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About Susanne 

Meet the adventurous leader

Susanne Rey is an award winning international speaker & Leadership expert by experience & heart. She is on a mission to show people around the globe how to take back control of their lives. With a keen understanding of the limitations we all place upon ourselves and therefore mistakes we make with our employees, friends and family members, Susanne helps people transform their thoughts and their actions to unleash their true potential.

She tried to be the good girl..

Her path to adventure and personal freedom wasn’t a smooth one though. Following the guidance of her parents and teachers, Susanne tried hard to fulfill the typical expectations: school, university, a „safe" job with benefits.


She went to high school, worked three jobs and successfully studied business administration – all in an attempt to fit in.

From an early age, Susanne did things differently: Where others talked, she produced results. Instead of rules, she followed her goals. Her creative and sometimes stubborn think-bigger attitude finally secured her a leading position with one of Europe’s largest discount supermarket chains. Supervising over 200 staff, earning a six figure income and working not 9-to-5, but 16 hours a day, Susanne had achieved everything her colleagues, friends and family called success.

Looking for purpose and meaning in her life, Susanne took a sabbatical and set off for South America – on her own. For three months, she traveled along the Amazon River, in the Atacama Desert and through the jungle of Ecuador. It was a life-changing time that put things into perspective and became the start of Susanne’s transformation: from living someone else’s life to becoming the creator of her own.

Key is the change of perspective

After 16 years as an employee, Susanne abandoned her safe job with benefits, moved across Globe and went on the quest for her true purpose in life. Within just one year, she built an international Consulting Business online, went on stage as a speaker in over 10 countries and inspired thousands of people with her story. Her message is simple and clear: time is limited – so stop wasting it and Be the Leader of your own Life.

Live on stage, Susanne shares not only her real experience, but also hands-on, step-by-step strategies. Combining in-depth business knowledge, mindset training and intense emotion, Susanne has inspired thousands of people in Germany, the UK, Sweden, USA, Norway, Cyprus, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia and other countries.

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